A million other methods for optimizing a web page have tried to replace SEO, but the fact is that it continues to hold the top spot in ensuring the success of a webpage. If you are new to it, then the whole concept might seem alien to you. What is SEO? So let us take it from the start.

Google and SEO

Google has redefined the way information is looked about on the internet. While most search engines used the Meta tags on a page to search it, Google started to use a series of complex algorithms which scanned the content on the page and ranked it according to its relevance.

Since most of the world uses google, success on the internet came to be determined by the success of the webpage on google. So SEO came into being.


SEO or Search engine Optimization is a set of techniques which will optimize your website enabling the spiders to scan it in a better way and highlight your most relevant keywords to them. This will ensure a better page rank in google.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips

The fact is that SEO is a constant on going process and no matter of tips will prepare you for it. But there are some facts which you cannot afford to overlook

  • Effective keyword research: Quality keywords are your first rung to the ladder on the top. You need to have those keywords on your page that people are looking for.
  • Search engine Friendliness : The next most important thing is optimizing your website for search engines. The website needs to be simple and well organized so that the search engines can scan it easily.
  • Site Architecture: Another important aspect of SEO called internal link structure building.
  • Navigation: Apart from making the website easier to navigate through for humans, it will also make it easier for spiders.
  • Link Popularity : Another important aspect , the more the quality back links acquired, higher the Google Page Rank and higher search engine rankings.
  • Content : Last but not the least and extremely important aspect . Good and Quality content easily attracts both Search engines and Visitors.