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The following are the 3 search engine optimization tips and strategies required for you to rank highly on the search engines for your relevant keyword.

There are a lot of so called SEO experts out there who specialize in SEO strategies to optimize your website but unfortunately these often come at a high price, which when you are starting out on the online business world can be an expense that can keep you back behind the starting gates.

The following is a very simple breakdown of a search engine optimization plan.

  • keyword analysis using proven search engine optimization tips
  • Having your site search engine friendly
  • Linking and analysis

In this article I am going to cover the first requirement and that is keyword analysis using proven search engine optimization tips.

Search Engine Optimization Tips For keyword Analysis. So lets take the keyword SEO specialist. Say I want to rank for this keyword and am going to write some content around this. I now go to the Google search bar and type in “SEO specialist” notice I did this in exact match. At the top left hand side of the screen it will have some numbers under the keyword you have just searched for this number is the amount of content competing for you chosen keyword. For this example, it’s 5,730,000, which is a lot so this is a high traffic keyword.

Now go to Google’s free keyword tool and either sign in or sign up for an account. What we need to do now is to see how many global searches there are for this keyword.

When you type it in be sure to tick the exact match on the left hand side of the screen as this will bring up the global searches for an exact match and not broad or phrase.

Note, sometimes you just have to do a normal search without the quotations marks first for the keyword and then go back in and select the exact match, as this feature doesn’t seem to come up straight away.

I see we have a global search volume of 2,400 for “SEO Strategies” this means on a monthly basis around 2,400 searches are done for this exact keyword. This is a great number and would be nice to rank on page one of Google for, but when it has over five and a half million competitors on it would be very hard to achieve.

If you look directly under this keyword in your tool you will see other similar words, such as tips, services, software, tools.

These are called Lsi words and search engines rank you favorably for using the in your article. What you need to do now is play around with your keyword and put a tail on it. For example you could make it a country-based keyword such as “SEO strategies New Zealand” or a regionally targeted keyword such as “SEO specialist Hawkes Bay”. This is a great search engine optimization tip as not many marketers do this and it gives you a more specific target market so there will be less competition.

Now go back into the Google keyword tool bar and check the competition for your new keywords.

The criteria for a good keyword are a search volume between 800-1000 global searches per month and with the competition under 75,000.

If you follow this criteria for choosing your keywords it will give you the best chance of ranking. The next piece to the puzzle is making your site search engine friendly; I will cover this in part 2 of search engine optimization tips.

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