The Internet is filled with tons of Search Engine Optimization Tips. The importance in getting free web traffic through an organic search has caused immense interest on the subject Search Engine Optimization.

Website optimization is an on-going process since the search engine algorithm is subject to changes whenever bad practice SEO professionals are able to abuse it. However at this point in time, on-page and off-page optimization are the crux in getting a website ranked well with the search engines.

* Search Engine Optimization Tip – On-page Factors

These are criteria that are incorporated in the content of a web page. Web page optimization starts here and since it is subjected to human manipulation, off-page factors are deemed more important. However, that is not to say that on-page factors are not important at all. If you were to compare a web page that is not optimized at all as compared to another that has been optimized, the answer will be obvious!

On-page can be further separated into visible and those that are non-visible to an online visitor. The recent buzz on the Internet is that visible on-page factors are more important as compare to the latter since website is build for human consumption. What a human visitor can’t see is deemed to be useless and might be subjected to search engine manipulation. Non-visible on-page factors are meta-tags, which are good breeding ground for Spam is getting less vote of confident from the search engines.

* Search Engine Optimization Tip – Off-page Factors

Off-page factors are back links and more back links! The idea might sound simple to you but the actual process of acquiring those links is a tedious and time-consuming process. With this problem on hand, many software have started to appear on the Internet to address this tedious process, which I am skeptical. However that does not stop my search for such powerful software.

The rate of acquiring these back links is important as well. Search engine is careful with website that acquire tons of back links over night and deem this action as link Spam. Therefore it is a good practice to implement a link strategy to obtain those precious back links at a steady and constant rate.

Back link is important since each and every back link is a vote of confidence on your website. Equally important is the source of that back link. If your site is on dog shampoo, a back link from a site that is selling watches will be deem of less important by the search engine.

Finally if the back links are from like minded nature of business, the more the merrier! The subject of link management is delicate subject and it might be a good idea if you could read a book on it.