A recent research has proved that a huge number of people generally click at the top search results whenever they type in a keyword or they will simply go to another search engine for results. With that in mind each and every business is fighting its way to the top listings as they increase the chances of getting better traffic which is the main aim of search engine optimization. Getting your website listed at the top, doesn’t only get you customers but will make your customers trust you as they believe that better ranked sites are the most relevant ones.

With that said, one thing you just can’t overlook is the number of sites that are likely to appear each time a related keyword is clicked. To make matters worse, search engines are constantly changing the logarithms they use to rank the websites but the nice thing is that with the follow up of the top tips and secrets, you can take your website to the top list without even employing SEO companies. So, here is a list of the ten secrets and tips that will help you optimize your pages for better ranking;

1. Keywords you use should be those that you have thoroughly researched on, don’t make the mistake of using a keyword because your competitors are using them too. Do make use of such tools like wordtracker; they are great in helping you get the best keywords.

2. Poor quality content wont keep your visitors, so make it appoint that you only add quality content to your website, make your website interesting while not running away from your keywords.

3. While getting better ranks is important, far more important is the relevancy tom the keyword, you can get better ranked with vague keywords but that won’t keep your visitors coming back.

4. Search engines don’t need any sites to be submitted, so never get cheated by SEO firms that will promise to submit your site.

5. Link farms are just not the way to go, avoid them as they risk your website being banned, other sites might have gotten away with it, but what guarantee do you have that you too might do that? Tom make things worse, search engines have toughened the screening.

6. Getting multiple backlinks is great but what counts more is the quality of those backlinks, make it a point that when you do hunt for backlinks, get only those that are closely related to your industry and are well known.

7. Understand that you just can’t be on the top list of each and every search engine; they use different logarithms to assign ranks. So, aim at least at the top one and Google is generally the gold standard, it’s the first choice of your potential visitors, so rather aim being on their top list.

8. Use text rather than images as search engines read texts only.

9. They also can’t read flash index which is why you need to go with inert HTML text.

10. Getting to the top takes time, follow the legal terms and avoid trying to get a quick fix, you might regret it later.

The above 10 search engine optimization tips and secrets will really give you an edge in SEO and help you rank above your competition in the search engines.